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Strength Supra Bar Morgan Olympic Eye Bars Barbell Weight Curl w/Revolving Handles Eye Olympic Barbells

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Material: High-grade 45 steel / Chrome Plating
Length: 120cm
Handle Diameter: 25mm
Weight : 15.5KG
Max Load: 300KG

SupraBar Cable Curl Bar w/revolving handles.
Uses inward and outward rotation of the wrist to improve strength training benefits.
Isolates exertion to the targeted muscle group while relieving stress on tendons and joints.
This is the perfect multi-grip Olympic barbell, allowing the user to grip the bar in both a standard and hammer grip with the ability to also handle the bar at 45 degrees.
Bar rating of 300kg.(Max Load)
Barbell dimensions are 4ft - 1200mm long
Handles are spaced at 500mm centres in hammer grip position.
End sleeves to suit Olympic plates are 50mm x 175mm long plate loading capacity.
The end sleeves are well machined with minimal tolerances and revolve smoothly via brass bushings assembly.
Handles revolve 360 degrees via large circular bearings.
Dual handles feature a non slip knurling grip giving you full control of your lifts.
Polished coating provides a durable maintenance free protective finish to the bar.

The Strength Supra Bar, a multi directional bar which has rotational handles. This bar is perfect for anyone with wrist or grip issues.Not only is great for tricep pulls and bicep curls it also will help big compound movements. However, be careful dropping this bar with plates on it because of the ball bearing.

This highly versatile all purpose bar fills a big gap between the traditional straight barbell and dumbbells. The revolving grips will bring comfort to those with wrist flexibility issues experienced with a straight barbell. The revolving grips also allow for a range of full body exercises with a greater range of motion.

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