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Squat Wedges (Pair) Calf Block Slant Board Ramp Weightlifting Calf Raise Platform Deadlift Heel Elevated Wedge

RM 78.00
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Material: Steel

Available in three (3) different slopes: 10°,20° & 30°.

10° - 30 x 14 x 6cm / 2.6kg

20° - 30 x 14 x 10cm / 3.6kg

30° - 30 x 14 x 13.5cm / 4.0kg

✅[ Deeper Squats & Healthier Knees ] An optimal alternative to avoid potential knee issues. The heel elevated squat wedge helps you squat lower and deeper by increasing the range of motion in your ankle. The angle of the wedge reduces undue strain on the knees and better targets the major leg muscles that are supposed to be recruited during the squatting motion.

✅[ Versatile & Dynamic ] The squat slant board is a versatile training accessory that can be used for a wide range of exercises. It’s also effective for calf raises and stretches as well as stretching the foot, heel, Achilles tendon, hamstring for better flexibility. By elevating the heels, the calf stretcher helps to provide sufficient mobility in the ankle, knee, hips and lower back..

✅[ Compact & Accommodating ] Training in an open stance when you perform a really wide stance on the individual slant board allows you to accommodate hip mobility. The wedge platform is featured with a raised slot placed for rubber resistance bands. You can perform proper squats with accommodating resistance.

✅[ Portable & User-friendly ] A handle cut-out on either side of the squat wedge allows the users to pick it up off the floor with ease. The user-friendly handle also makes it easy for squat wedge blocks to take and enable convenient storage on any strength training equipment.

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