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Smith Machine Squat Rack Power Station H/D Pull Lat Bar Power Cage Gym Station

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Material: High-grade steel
Size: 112 x 90 x 220cm (Length x Width x Height)
Weight : 71KG
Max Load: 500KG

Smith Machine is designed to allow you to work out at home without a spotter, push yourself to success and have the security that you will not get injured. Built with a 2.4 inch by 2.4 inch gauge steel frame, two solid steel safety bars for support, a pull-up station, four support bars for bar height adjustments and a whole host of accessories, this is a power rack that is designed to enhance your workout.
*High-grade steel construction
*15 variable positions for bar supports.
*Customizable incremental height adjustments for bar holders
*Safeties and a barbell catch for a safe workout
*Quick-change design for more effective weight swapping
*Appropriate for Standard as well as Olympic barbells
*With Chin Up Workout Bar
*Pull Lat Exercises
*Simple assembly required
* 500kg Maximum Weight Capacity
* Great for Barbell Owners, Gym Enthusiasts.
* Support for 1.5 Meter , 1.8 Meter ,2.2 Meter Barbell Length.

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