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Shot Put Lontar Peluru 5kg Steel Metal Ball Athletics Shot Puts Ball Bola Besi Sukan heavy spherical balls

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Material: Carbon Steel

Colour: Silver

Weight: 5kg

Diameter: 11cm

International Standard:

7.26kg/16lb for men, 4kg/8.8lb for women

Variations Available:

2KG / Diameter: 8cm

3KG / Diameter: 9cm

4KG / Diameter: 10cm

5KG / Diameter: 11cm

6KG / Diameter: 12cm

7.26KG / Diameter: 13cm


✅Ideal for high school track and field shot put competition or practice, regulation shot

✅Meets specifications and weigh-in criteria

✅Weight: from 2 - 7.26kg

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