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Seal Low Bench gym Workout Back

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Material: Commercial Grade Steel 

Finishing: Powder Coated Black

Weight: 70kg

Max Load: 1000lb / 400kg

Overall Dimension: 167 x 125 x 113cm (Length x Width x Height)

Bench Pad: 120.5 x 30 x 6cm (Length x Width x Height)

J-Cups: 8 Adjustment Levels

Step Plate: 4 Adjustment Levels


Material: Commercial Grade Steel 

Bar: Black Oxide Coating

Sleeve: Chrome Plated

Length: 220cm

Weight : 20kg

Shaft Diameter - 30mm

Max Load: 700lb / 300KG

Note: Bar comes with fixed ends, non revolving.

✅What is a Seal Row Bench?

A Seal Row Bench is an extra-tall weight bench that allows the trainee to hold a barbell in the prone position with their arms hanging and their arms fully extended. This allows the Seal Row back exercise, also known as the "bench pull", to be performed under safe and optimal conditions.

✅What is the advantage at Seal Row?

There are many different rowing exercises with barbells, dumbbells, cable pulleys or machines. The Seal Row is growing in popularity, particularly among powerlifters, Olympic lifters, and bodybuilders, for a number of reasons:

-Due to the prone position, deflection is not possible.

-Bench pulling guarantees a very good muscle feeling, or a control and isolation of the target muscles.

-The exercise is not very complex and therefore also suitable for beginners.

-Unlike many standing rowing variations, such as T-bar rows, the seal row doesn't put any strain on your lower back or hamstrings. The exercise can therefore be used at the end of a training session with pre-tiring movements such as deadlifts. The seal row is also a good alternative to other row exercises for injuries.

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