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Rowing Machine Hydraulic Rower home fitness equipment Boating Machine Adjustable

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Brand: ChiShang
Model: V336
Size: 140 x 40 x 34cm (Length x Width x Height) / 19KG
Material: Metal
Resistance Regulation mode: Hydraulic Energy (oil pressure resistance)
Resistance Level: 12-stage resistance adjustment
Track type: Monorail
Suitable for people of all age
12-stage oil pressure resistance: Convenient 12-stage resistance adjustment system, even resistance and smooth exercise effect is better.
Solitary ergonomic cushion: ergonomic curved cushion design, external PU material, environmentally friendly, tasteless, comfortable and durable.
Non-slip, rotatable pedals: non-slip design with sturdy straps for added peace of mind
Extended I-beam double track design: double-track design with I-beam, smooth sliding and more sporty
Engineering plastic handle: The handle is made of engineering plastic, comfortable and non-slip, and the fitness experience is good.
Adjustability & comfort
Your rower should be easy to manipulate so it’s comfortable for your particular body type and fitness level. That breaks down to four factors:
Seat: A molded, cushioned seat makes long rowing sessions bearable.
Handles: They should be easy-to-grip and shaped so that it’s easy to keep a natural elbow height through the stroke.
Foot pedals and straps: Foot pads with visible pegs for adjustments are preferable to adjustment devices that require blind guessing. And we wanted separate belts for each foot, rather than a single strap that requires users to figure out how much slack they’ll need for both feet at once.
Easy storage

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