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Revolving Lat Pull Bar Cable Machine Attachment FT12

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Model: FT12
Material: High-grade steel (Heavy Duty)

The Parallel Lateral Pull Down Bar is scientifically angled to allow a deeper stretch for better lateral development. This desing enables the development of lats, arms & shoulder by maximising the control of the bar to obtain best results while you exercise.
The smooth, fluid center swivel keeps your form on track and the extra set of knurl-textured rubber grips allow bar to be used for triceps and bicep workouts.

Ergonomic Rubber Handle Grips
Padded rubber on the lat pull down bar provide protection for your hands when performing a close grip pulldown.
Multi-axis rotating swivel for ease of attachment and full functional use

Upright Row
Deltoid Raise
Wide Grip Front Lat Pulldown
Close Grip Front Lat Pulldown
Bent Over Row
Biceps Curl (seated)
Biceps Curl (standing)
Tricep Press Down
Tricep Extension

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