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Plate Loaded T-Arm Machine Commercial Equipment Unilateral Trap Shrug Lunge Deadlift Leg Press T Bar Row Shoulder Press

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Model: HX-031

Material: steel

Weight:  72kg

Size: 165 x 158 x 80cm (Length x Width x Height)


✅Frame: Flat oval tube (50*120*>2.5T)

✅Press arm: Flat oval tube (50*100*3.0T)

✅The tube lines are smooth while the appearance is high-end and elegant.         

T-Arm Machine (shoulder shrug machine) is used in strength training. It is typically used to isolate and work a specific set of muscles. In the shrug machine, the trapezius muscles are targeted which are on either side of the neck. The secondary muscles utilized during this exercise are the deltoids, rhomboids, and supraspinatus muscles. The machine provides fixed movement patterns for better isolation while exercising. Weights can also be added to build muscle mass.

The ergo grip handles provide complete and independent arm movement, enabling a natural, user-defined path of motion. Users are able to work both the upper and lower body as they do deadlifts, trap shrugs, squats, weighted lunges, and even push presses and tricep dips. The dual handles allow users to face inward or outward for various exercises without awkward wrist angles or weird starting heights. 

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