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P1924 Wall mounted Pull-up System Heavy Duty Pull up Bar Multifunctional Strength Training Chin up Bars Chin-ups

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Material: Heavy Duty Steel frame (Commercial Grade)
Max Load: 200KG
2 Models available (P1924 and P1922)
**Assemble on solid wall only**

Model: P1924
Weight : 22KG
Product Size: 79 x 126 x 36.5 cm (Length x Width x Height)

Designed to mount above a doorway frame on a standard wood stud wall*, the LT STRENGTH Pull-Up system is an everyday game-changer—enabling athletes to transport their fitness lifestyle, without compromise, into any room of their home or workplace.

Uniquely designed for a sturdy ceiling mount or wall mount, the LT STRENGTH  Pull-Up System’s can be customized to virtually any training space. Also, the LT STRENGTH Pull-Up System can be anchored to any stable wood stud/ceiling joist or concrete wall at the height of your choosing. For larger gyms, multiple brackets can also be daisy-chained together—separated by a few feet-- to create more pull-up stations while optimizing both space and materials.

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