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Olympic Tricep Bar Tri Trap International Bar Tricep Bi-Tri-Trap w/ Rubber Grips Body Solid

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Material: Chrome Plated Steel Bar
Model: OB36
Weight : 9KG
Dimension: 91 X 25cm (Length x Width)
Bearings: 4 Bearings (2 each side)

Our Bi-Tri-Trap bar is a workhorse that will help you to hit a variety of different muscles. This versatile bar features durable rubber grips and sleeves that rotate as fluidly as you would expect.
The Olympic Tricep Bar is made by a one-piece forged construction, giving you the ultimate workout. The Olympic Tricep Bar is ergonomically designed to handle extreme workouts in the gym.
With the Olympic Tricep Bar you can hit your arm muscles like never before, with the neutral grip.
Perfect for Close Grip Presses, Curls and Skull Crashers, to build mass in your arms.

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