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High Grade Double Pull Biceps MMA Tricep Rope for Arm Muscle Building Tali Latihan otot Tricep

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Material: Nylon, Steel & Rubber (non-toxic)

Length: Max 35cm
Diameter: 2.6cm
Weight: 0.35 KG

The Triceps Rope Pulldown is an upper body exercise that primarily targets the triceps. This is an isolation exercise which is well suited to beginner lifters.

How to use :
-Set up a cable machine in it’s top position with a double-ended rope attachment.

-Starting with your hands at about chest level, pull the cable downwards and apart until your arms are completely extended, consciously squeezing the triceps at the bottom.

-Slowly raise the cable back to the start position in line with your chest.

-Ensure your elbows remain by your side throughout the movement and keep your chest out and up to isolate the triceps.

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