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FT26 SOLID REVOLVING Tricep Pressdown V Bar 15" Triceps Pushdown V-shaped Handle Gym Cable Pulley Attachment

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Model: FT26

Material: High-grade steel (Heavy Duty)

Size: 38 x 15cm (length x width)

Weight: 2.28kg approximately

Handle diameter: 2.5cm

Maximum Load: 200kg

⭐The Tricep V bar is made of all steel, knurled and chrome plated. Perfect for tricep workout.

⭐The V bar has the advantage of a rotating vortex at the connector, which ensures additional training opportunities.

⭐The connector can be mounted on any universal gym equipment.

⭐The Tricep V bar is made of solid steel, making it very strong.

⭐The handles are covered with safety rubber ends, protecting both the product and the user from damage.

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