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FT04 Tricep Press Down Bar with Rubber Handgrips (30cm) V Handle Close Grip Triceps Cable Attachment

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Model: FT04
Material: High-grade steel (Heavy Duty)

Designed to isolate and promote triceps contraction and development. This sturdy, solid steel triceps bar has rubber grip handles for comfort. Heavy-duty, welded flanges allow maximum load capacity.

Innovative cable attachment with rubber contoured hand grips.
Designed for maximum performance & development of lats, arms, & shoulders.
Maximize the control of your bar & obtain best results while you exercise.
Made of 1" solid cold roll steel welded hinge & discs with heavy chrome finish.
Close Grip Row Handle attaches to your home gym, Smith machine, etc
Solid steel construction, rubber hand grip
High-polish chrome finish

Compatibility: Works with any machine with a hook for connecting lateral bars of different kinds.
Usage: Use this to perform a variety of lateral exercise to work out your triceps and lats through pulldown and pushdown movements
Sturdy: Heavy duty steel has a huge weight capacity; Chrome finish prevents corrosion and rust

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