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Foldable CF Rack Wall-Mounted Fold Back Wall Mount Rack Squat Power Rig Wall Mount Crossfit Matrix Cage Space Saving

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Material: Iron Steel
Dimension: Width 120cm, Depth 50cm, Height 226cm
Weight: 74KG Approx.
Steel Tube: Rectangular Tubing 75 x 75 x 3mm
Max Load: 300KG


Set A: CF Rack only

Set B: CF Rack + Safety Spotter Arms (Pair)
Add-on: Safety Spotter Arms
Tube: 75 x 75 x 3mm
Length: 70cm
Weight: 16KG (Each Arm 8KG)

Space Saving Power Rack
The design challenge was to come up with a wall-mount unit that could be folded inward or outward for space savings, yet still offer the sturdiness of our standard Monster Lite racks. To achieve this, our engineering team developed a unique hinge-and-pin system that is both easy to install and rock solid. In use as a squat stand, pull up rig, or power rack, the feel is miles beyond lighter setups that use thinner steel.
A Fold Back Rack is built with two 3X3” 11-gauge American steel uprights, laser cut, with Westside hole spacing through the bench/pull area, and 2”-on-center spacing above and below. All steel is powder coated in the Rogue factory for a durable finish.

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