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Extra Long Forearm Strengthener Trainer Bar Bruce Lee Jack Stick Wrist Device Strength Wrestling Grip Training Wrist

RM 120.00
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Material: steel

Weight: 2.8 kg approx.

Length: 80cm

Diameter: 48mm (Fits Olympic weight plates only)

Note: **Comes with Spring Clip | Weights excluded!**

Package Options:

a. Forearm Strengthener Bar only

b. Forearm Strengthener Bar + 72mm Grip Ball

c. Forearm Strengthener Bar + 97mm Grip Ball

✅Combine grip and wrist--forearm work.

✅Train everything from your elbow to your fingertips in one movement-

✅Proven on everyone from armwrestlers to steel benders to hockey players

✅Overall length is 80cm; loading surface is 48mm in diameter.

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