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Crossfit Training Farmer Walker Handles Barbell Set (Pair) Farmer’s walk Set Strongman Bar

RM 375.00
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**Weight Plates excluded**

Brand: VITOX Fitness
Material: High-grade steel
Size: 1525 x 67 x  209 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Weight : 15KG (7.5KG each)
Max Load: 300KG total
Suitable for: 5cm Weight plate

Farmer's Walk Builds Size and Strength
The farmer's walk engages all the muscle groups in one movement. It's an exercise in pure strength. Here's the breakdown:
Your arms will scream as the weight relentlessly tries to separate your shoulders and elbows from their sockets. The forearms get an intense workout, which helps improve grip strength, while the biceps and triceps must work to stabilize the elbow and shoulder joints.
Back and Shoulders
The muscles in the back and shoulders are heavily targeted, particularly the traps. These muscles must work together in a continuous contraction to keep your shoulder blades together and down, and to keep your shoulder joints stable.
Here's a way to get tighter, stronger abs without doing an ab-specific exercise. The core muscles are hit hard during a heavy farmer's walk, and the back and abdomen must work in sync to support your torso and the additional weight. Keeping your abs tight during the exercise is necessary to protect the lower back and prevent any shear stress or vertebral buckling.
Because the farmer's walk requires you to walk, the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and calf muscles are used extensively.
The farmer's walk trains your body in a way that's useful even beyond the gym. You can't underestimate the importance of grip strength and the ability to lift and carry heavy objects for health or in everyday life. The farmer's walk might be the most "functional" exercise in existence.

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