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Arm Blaster Arnold Bicep Gym Strap Curl

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Material: Aluminium

Weight: 0.75kg approx.

Dimension: 58 x 10 x 12.5cm

**Lighter & Rustproof**

Material: Steel

Weight: 1.35kg approx.

Dimension: 58 x 9 x 11cm

**Heavier & Durable**

BUILD MASSIVE BICEPS: Minimize injury and maximize results by utilizing proper lifting techniques all while stimulating muscle hypertrophy. Including the arm blaster during your strength training will help increase blood flow to the bicep and tricep region.

PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD: Keep tension on your biceps and triceps, without utilizing momentum for the lift. This increased tension helps build muscle mass and strength by way of progressive overload.

LOCK IN GOOD FORM: Maintaining correct form, not only minimizes sports-related injuries, it promotes muscle memory to help ensure you can continue to lift correctly long-term.

BICEP ISOLATION: Using the curl assist locks your elbows into place, and allows you to isolate the biceps during the curl with barbells or dumbbells.

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