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16*20*24 inch 3-in-1 Wooden Plyometric Box Jump Box Training Crossfit Box MMA Plyobox Game Box

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Type: 3-in-1 Jump Box
Material: High Grade Plywood
Wood: 3/4” thick
Dimension / Weight:
a. 12*14*16 inch (30 x 35 x 40 cm) / 7KG
b. 16*20*24 inch (40 x 50 x 60 cm) / 15.5KG
c. 20*24*30 inch (50 x 60 x 75 cm) / 24.8KG
*3 sizes available*

Our Plyobox is designed for safe, effective plyometric training at any skill level.
This wooden plyo box is built like a tank, perfect for CrossFit! The pre-drilled and countersunk holes and interlocking joints make this plyo box easy to assemble and very strong.

Perfect for all sorts of plyometric box exercises, box jumps, step ups, box squats, or negative jumps. Superior Fit and Construction. Our 3-in-1 plyometric box is made of construction-grade 3/4" plywood. CNC machined for a perfect fit every time.

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