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120cm Wooden Rack Climb Board Climbing Peg Board Crossfit Back Muscle Ninja Warrior Gym Training Fitness

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Material: Poplar Wood
.120 x 30 x 4.2cm (Height x Width x Thickness)

The wall-mounted Peg Board is made from top-quality Poplar Wood. Each set includes a 4.2cm thick board (120cm or 242cm tall x 30cm wide) and two grip-friendly wood dowel rods—each measuring 6.5” in length and 1.19” in diameter.

An increasingly popular tool for upper body training, climbing peg boards can be a simple but dynamic addition to a small garage gym or a larger training facility. It includes multiple staggered holes along the roughly ascent of the wood board, with six counter bored holes for mounting (mounting hardware not included).

With its roots in gymnastics training, peg boards are the ultimate test of upper body strength. Build muscle strength in your arms, shoulders, forearms, hands, upper body and core as you climb either horizontally or vertically. If you’re a beginner to calisthenics training, start by performing simple pull-ups, using the wooden pegs to hang from the board and pull yourself back up repeatedly. More advanced strength trainers can get into the challenging climbing straight away and even connect multiple peg boards together to create a unique training course.

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