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Single Leg Roller Stand Bulgarian Split Squats Rack Adjustable Rolling Foam Lunges Thigh Lower Body Specialty Machine

RM 285.00
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Material: Steel

Weight: 9.5KG

Dimension: 66 x 57 x 53cm  (Length x Width x height)

Foam Roller Heights: 24cm | 37cm | 51cm (3 adjustable settings)

✔️Highly strong and durable, suitable for various training tool needs, and can accommodate different weights.

✔️suitable for various training tools, and can adapt to different weights.

✔️The angled bars keep the weight plates perfectly supported without the danger of them slipping.

✔️This free weight organizer is a handy gym feature. Its rubber feet protect your floor from scratches. It can also absorb shocks during refilling, thus preventing the shelf from sliding.

✔️And the strong and durable frame can withstand heavy loads, while preventing damage caused by long-term use.

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